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Why do we need more renewable energy?

Increasing wind energy will help New Brunswick and Canada reach the goal of generating 40 per cent of electricity from renewable resources by 2020.

In 2016/2017, 35.8 per cent of New Brunswick Power’s energy came from renewables.

Where is the site for Cap-Pelé Wind?

The wind turbine will be located just south of Highway 15, 800 metres from the road and about 2 kilometres southeast of Botsford Portage. It will be on private land beside the W. E. Acres Crab Meal plant.

Who owns the wind project?

The New Brunswick business WKB Community Wind owns Cap-Pelé Wind. IFE Canada is helping to develop and manage the project.

How much power will it generate?

The maximum amount is 2.35 megawatts, enough power for 700 local homes.

A map and photos and showing what the turbine may look like from four locations in the area.

Will the community benefit?

Power generated by the wind turbine will feed into local power lines, providing clean renewable energy to homes and businesses in the area.

Currently, local people are benefiting from jobs and contracts in site clearing, road building and concrete work. In the future, the facility will need regular maintenance.

The project will pay approximately $9,000 a year in property taxes

Are local landowners on board?

The project site is on private property. We have secured the agreement of nearby property owners.

When will construction start?

Here’s the tentative timeline for construction:

  • Building the Road – Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
  • Laying the Foundation – Spring 2018
  • Delivering the Turbine (in parts) – Spring 2018
  • Building the Turbine and Turning it on – Summer 2018

What can be expected during construction?

Delivery of turbine parts will happen over seven to eight days in June or July 2018. There will be some very long heavy loads, so there may be occasional traffic delays on Highway 15. Construction of the turbine foundation will require about 120 loads of concrete!

How tall will the turbine be?

The wind turbine will be a model E-92 manufactured by Enercon. It will be installed on a  98-metre tower, with a total height of 144 metres to the top tip of a turbine blade.

What will it look like?

Here is what the turbine will look like from different viewpoints.

Click on the map to view photos showing what Cap-Pelé Wind will look like from four locations in the area:

  • From highway 15, junction with Highway 133
  • From Cap-Pelé
  • From Botsford Wharf
  • From Bas Cap-Pelé
A Map And Photos And Showing What The Turbine May Look Like From Four Locations In The Area.

Will the turbine interfere with satellite TV and Internet reception?

The “satellite shadow” (yellow in the top map) is the area where the turbine could affect satellite Internet or TV signals.

We do not expect any issues for local residences. However, we will be monitoring the site, and we will correct any problems.

Cap-Pelé Geo Satellite test
Cap-Pelé Geo Satellite test

What is shadow flicker?

Shadow flicker can occur when moving wind turbine blades cast a shadow over a house. See the middle map.

The maximum possible period for this to occur for any residences near this site is less than 30 minutes a day. It would only occur on a late summer evening, when the sun is shining, when the turbine is operating at the same time.

Cap-Pelé Sound Shadow
Cap-Pelé Sound Shadow

Will it be noisy?

The turbine will not cause noise levels in excess of 40 average decibels (dBA) at any residential property – that’s the noise level of a quiet library. The bottom map shows the 40-dBA sound contours from the site.

Most first-time visitors to a wind farm are surprised to find how quiet wind turbines are during operation. It is possible to have a conversation directly below an operating turbine without raising your voice.

At this site, the turbine model will not have a gearbox, so there will be little or no mechanical noise. The only sound will be the rotating blades.

We are careful to respect setbacks to residences and commercial operations, to ensure those near the site are not affected by the sound of the turbine.

Cap-Pelé -Sound map
Cap-Pelé -Sound map

 Will the wind turbine have a negative impact on human health?

There are no known studies indicating a negative impact on human health due to nearby wind turbines. Learn more .

Will it affect birds and other wildlife?

Sometimes birds are killed after being struck by an operating wind turbine. These instances are relatively low, however, compared to birds being killed by flying into windows, by housecats, or from environmental causes. Environment Canada has concluded that wind energy has not had a noticeable effect on avian populations in Canada. Visit for more info.

What if I have more questions about the project?

We would like to hear from you. Please send your questions and/or concerns to

For general information about wind power go to

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